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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Michael Turned 2

It feels like just yesterday that my sister called to tell me to get on the next flight to NYC because the baby was coming fast. Of course I jumped from my desk and ran, literally, to catch the next flight. At the hospital we all waited anxiously, for little Michael Philip, my first nephew, to be born. Somehow two years have flown by since that beautiful day and I'm amazed at how much he's grown. With each visit he's bigger, smarter and full of boundless energy. Now he's busy. Busy playing cars and guitar. Busy running up and down the stairs; opening doors and closing them, and opening and closing, and, well, let's just say it's hard to keep up with him. He also learned how to say my name since he was last here. Is there anything sweeter than hearing that little voice calling your name? He's a little monster, as all little boys are, but he melts my heart and lights up everyone that's around him. I want to keep him the way he looks in these pictures, to freeze time and keep him a sweet little angel forever. Don't grow up too fast little one!

Mommy teaching him how to use bubbles

He might be a rock star someday. Look at him go!
He's a little guy

Learning guitar with papa

Being serious with grandma

Saturday, August 25, 2007

They Stand Together

A few weeks ago I got a call from my father. He wanted to create a special anniversary gift for his wife; a picture of two trees they pass on the drive home from trips to Niagara Falls. Though I didn't immediately understand the significance of the trees, I gladly agreed. It wasn't until today when discussing printing and framing options that I learned the significance of the two trees. He explained how the they stand together in the open field and how it made him think of Karen and him. Standing firmly, side by side. I was touched at his sentimentality; 14 years together and they're still one of the happiest couples I know. Happy Anniversary Dad & Karen! I hope you both love the picture as much as I do.

Another set of two standing together that I discovered in the fields near the trees. They were too pretty to ignore.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Stash Bash '07

It all started with a mustache and a dream. Lindsay was browsing around Archimage when she stumbled upon a package of fake stashes. Of course we had to find use for them, and since summer has been insanely busy we dedicated last Sunday as a day for ridiculous fun (aka Stash Bash 2007). Of course we were camera happy early in the day and the pictures prove it. I swiped a few images Tom and I snapped from his blog.

Tom gets credit for this fantastic invite

Lindsay's cupcake men

Thanks Tom for the sweet pics of me and the girls!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Ridin High

Back after a week in the Colorado Mountains I feel energized, refreshed and most importantly, grateful. Waking up every morning to the warm blue mountain skies brought a feeling of serenity that had escaped me for too long. Those Colordao skies are endless. We stayed in the charming town of Frisco but put almost 1000 miles on the rental car exploring from Dillon, to Breckenridge, Boulder to Denver and countless stops along the way. Each day a new adventure awaited; a moonlight ATV tour on the rugged terrain of the Contintental Divide, strolling around the shops in Breckenridge, a blissful night at the Cottonwood Hot Springs in Buena Vista, a day chillin in Boulder, and an incredible three hour trail ride on 'Little Joe' at the Rusty Spurr Ranch. There's just too much to squeeze into one rambling post about an experience that words can't possibly do justice. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Photo courtesy of Tomas Flint

Photo courtesy of Tomas Flint

A huge thank you to Steph and Pat for bringing us out to document another special day for them, and for introducing us to wonderful people, places and experiences in Colorado. Many special memories and good friends won't be forgotten.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Colorado or Bust

I've always wanted to go to Colorado and I'm finally on my way. Renowned destination wedding photographer and my partner in crime, Tomas Flint, invited me along to shoot Steph and Pat's wedding in Buena Vista, Colorado. I could 't resist posting the picture below. Anyone who's been on a plane with Tom knows he's an EXPERT at sleeping on planes. He was out within 5 minutes of take off. At least he's not a drooler.

Lookin good Tom! Fun times ahead...