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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Art for Art

A while back Kerry contacted me looking for headshots for a project she's working on. A super talented glass bead artist, she was looking for some pictures of herself at work in her studio for a book she's writing. I of course was jazzed about seeing her in action. She's an artist with a talent I wanted to know more about, and I was going to watch her work her magic! When the day finally came, I was as fascinated as I thought I'd be. Kerry was so cool; she made my job easy! She excitedly welcomed me into the studio, showed me all of her 'gear' and chatted with me while she demonstrated her skills. With a rainbow of glass rods, torch, steady hand, and her incredible talent she whipped up little masterpieces. In between snaps I found myself in awe of the glass, their brilliant colors and her ability to meld them into beautiful, wearable pieces of art. I'm telling you, she is amazingly talented. Don't take my word for it though, check out her site and her blog to get the full impression.

I had so much fun watching Kerry in action and now that I've seen her stuff first hand, I know more than a few people that will love to have one of her creations for themselves, myself included (hint, hint). If you're ready to own a beautiful piece of jewelry that will wow people you have to talk to Kerry. Be on the lookout for news of her book coming out...I for one am definitely psyched to see it!


Annemarie said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun, and super pictures too. She must love them!

Kerry said...

YES, I love them!! Thank you so much Kelli :)

.:tomas flint:. said...

WICKED! Well done you two ;)

Cindy said...

You really captured Kerry in a great light. The pictures are beautiful.