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Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Spunk. I can't think of a better word to describe little Chloe. At almost three years old, she's ready to take on the world. In our hour session, she blew bubbles, drank tea, rode the horsey (imaginary..but still), and played with her kitty, Camo. She ran me in circles, literally! I could barely keep up, but I was determined to catch the little fireball with my lens.


Camo looks scared...could it be that he's afraid Chloe will "let him fly"? I'm pretty sure she thinks he has wings...or at least that's what you'd assume when watching her play with him!





Isn't she cheeky?


Working with children continues to inspire me beyond words. Stepping back into a world full of imagination, color and life; and catching that spark in each's an extraordinary and unpredictable experience every single time! Thanks to Chloe and her parents for letting me peek into the sweet life they share.


JZ said...

YOur photos are amazing. The life that breaths out is incredible! Thanks for sharing! Love, JZ

Cicada Studio said...

Your photos are lovely. I bet so many people are thrilled to have these special people and moments captured in such a sensitive way.
Thanks for commenting on my blog!

Amy said...

Fabulous pictures Kelli! You do great work!

Anonymous said...

these are so cute!

Connie Lenden said...

These are great picture of Chloe--that is her!
A real bundle of sweetness, and energy that goes on
and on.

She is rarely without her smile and it will take her far.

Great pictures!!!


tomas flint said...

look at you go!!! these images are great kel...and the blog is lookin' pretty spiffy ;-). so psyched for you. you...