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Thursday, February 14, 2008

All You Need Is Love

Cards. Flowers. Candy. That's a list that could go on for miles. Valentine's Day can easily lose its meaning but for me it's more than store bought tokens. It's about saying thank you to the people who make my life rich with the love they shine on me. Without them I would be less. To my friends, family and my sweetheart Tom - THANK YOU! You are the ones that inspire me, challenge me, encourage me, fill my spirit, and make me a better person. You make gray days brighter and make life worth living. So go out and spread the love. After the wise words of John Lennon, All You Need Is Love!

t and the monkey

Love & Light to you and everyday!


tomas flint said...

on this day, like every other, I am extremely grateful for you. So proud of who you are, so excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. Borrowing from the words of Helen Keller in your post:
quite an impression you've left km....

j said...

Happy V-day Kel! Miss & Love ya!

erich camping said...

Kelli! Happy Valentine's to you and Tom!! I love that you both are rockin' new blogs...sweet!

km said...
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mike said...

Stunning imagery. You always seem to capture those intangible moments.