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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Michael Turned 2

It feels like just yesterday that my sister called to tell me to get on the next flight to NYC because the baby was coming fast. Of course I jumped from my desk and ran, literally, to catch the next flight. At the hospital we all waited anxiously, for little Michael Philip, my first nephew, to be born. Somehow two years have flown by since that beautiful day and I'm amazed at how much he's grown. With each visit he's bigger, smarter and full of boundless energy. Now he's busy. Busy playing cars and guitar. Busy running up and down the stairs; opening doors and closing them, and opening and closing, and, well, let's just say it's hard to keep up with him. He also learned how to say my name since he was last here. Is there anything sweeter than hearing that little voice calling your name? He's a little monster, as all little boys are, but he melts my heart and lights up everyone that's around him. I want to keep him the way he looks in these pictures, to freeze time and keep him a sweet little angel forever. Don't grow up too fast little one!

Mommy teaching him how to use bubbles

He might be a rock star someday. Look at him go!
He's a little guy

Learning guitar with papa

Being serious with grandma


Anonymous said...

cute pics!

Ali said...

So sweet..I miss him already!
Great shots, my favorite is of him and your dad playing guitar!

tomas flint said...

handsome little man that nephew of yours is!!! ...and I heard that he can really jam out on that guitar!!!

tomas flint said...

frame by frame?!?!! That's awesome...where do you come up with this stuff??