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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Destination: Geneva On The Lake

Nicole & Mike
With their adorable little Benjamin and a few cherished friends and family, Nicole and Mike had a sweetly intimate wedding at the lovely Geneva On The Lake Resort. From the beginning it was clear that Mike and Nicole share a bond with each other that extends across the people they love most. As their handful of friends and family looked on, Mike and Nicole spoke the vows they had written for each other. The beauty of their words and the love they share brought everyone to tears. Their two lives rightfully and perfectly joined marking a 'coming together' of everyone. Since it was such a small gathering Tom and I were immediately welcomed into their family. We strolled the gardens, raised our glasses during their toast on the boat ride on Seneca Lake, and shared their candlelight dinner. Most importantly, I got to witness two people, with their loved ones, celebrating the relationships that mean the most to them. Nicole and her sister shared a dance while their mother held little Benjamin. Mikes best friend gave a speech that brought everyone to tears, again. Over an elegant and delicious dinner, everyone laughed and shared stories of their long, colorful histories together. Everyone should be so lucky to have a tight group of friends and family in which love circles all around. I feel grateful just to have been near it.

Many thanks the super-fired-up Tomas Flint for bringing me along, continually inspiring me, and catching this sweet shot of me on the train tracks that day.


Anonymous said...

Nice job Kel. Looking forward to the next one.

--J.Andre. said...

you have two nice eye's Kelli. ;-)